Event Background

The Asia-Pacific region has emerged as a major player in global dairy production and consumption. Over the past 30 years, consumption has doubled to account for a rapidly growing population, an emerging middle class, increased urbanization, and greater focus on consumer health and wellness. The dairy market in Asia has grown at more than twice the annual global average over the past decade, and is projected to continue to grow faster than the mature markets of the United States and Western Europe.

Furthermore, market conditions have changed radically in recent years. Producers in Europe, New Zealand, and Australia has been an active player in Asia, with firms investing in everything from milk powder to high-value products such as lactoferrin, UHT milk, milk protein concentrate, and cheese. Many Asian jurisdictions are reviewing potential trade deals, revising food safety laws, and are considering stricter nutrition and labeling regulations. Notably, the Australia – China and New Zealand – South Korea FTAs have recently entered into force, making dairy market access a priority for three of the four countries (Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea). Furthermore, the EU has used recent trade deals as a means to “transfer its restrictive geographic indication regime to as many countries as possible.”

In this constantly shifting market environment, the 5th Dairy Asia Pacific Summit 2018 will provide dairy industry professionals with a comprehensive platform for sharing knowledge and experience, as well as abundant opportunities to build contacts within the industry.

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