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Biotik, a New Probiotic Product for the Chinese Market

2018-11-23 09:52 Friday

The Australian company, Clinical Advantage, has launched a new intestinal health product named Biotik, with an eye on the ascendant Chinese market.

Biotik uses LP-DG (lactobacillus parmesis CNCM i-1572), a probiotic strain patented by the Italian probiotic company SOFAR, and comes in 10ml bottles, with micro doses of probiotics in each bottle.

Probiotic Product

The probiotics are sealed in the lid. The bottle should be filled with water by the consumer, after which the lid is attached to the bottle and presses down on, allowing the probiotics to flow from the lid into the bottle.

Lastly, the consumer should shake the bottle, thereby mixing the probiotics with the water.

The product comes in two flavors: mango -- Biotik Digestion, which contains 8 billion LP - DGs, suitable for children aged 4 and above, and strawberry flavor-- Biotik Children's, containing 1 billion LP-DGs, suitable for children aged 3-12.

Wholesale and purchasing

Biotik will be sold on Australian retail stores or online platforms, and exported to China via DaigouSales, an Australian purchasing agent platform.

Clinical Advantage General Manager Matthew Harris explained the choice of sales channel: "We put a high value on purchasing agents and we will make sure that we provide all the necessary training for purchasing agents because we see them as the best partner to promote the product."

"As the sales network expands, we will enter retail stores and other retail locations, including health food specialty stores. It is essential to ensure that the brand is welcomed by consumers in Australia, otherwise the Chinese market will not take us seriously," he continued.

Dr.Zhao, founder of DaigouSales, said in a press release that Biotik "will target the Chinese market". "It is a wise move to take advantage of the growing number of Chinese consumers in Australia," he noted.

"DaigouSales will promote Biotik through WeChat because the consumer group we are targeting mostly uses WeChat," he explained.

"The DaigouSales website, combined with a domestic marketing and sales strategy, will enhance the trust in the brand from Chinese consumers, which is an important step to establish a foothold in the Chinese market."

Clinical Advantage has also emphasized the New Zealand market, and hopes to expand to other markets, including Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, and the Middle East, in the coming years.

"We have discussed going to Malaysia and Vietnam," Harris said. "We don't have a specific sales plan, but Vietnam will be a potential market because Australian health care products are popular among locals. We also have experience operating in Malaysia and Singapore and will enter these markets as well. "

As for the Middle East, the company plans to familiarize itself with the product registration process and regional sales channels before entering the market next year.

Technology and Product stability

Clinical Advantage, which has obtained the exclusive right to LP-DG, is also the first company outside of Italy to commercialize LP-DG. Managing Director Wayne Coote initiated talks with SOFAR last year to launch LP-DG products in Australia, New Zealand, and across Asia.

"It's a unique opportunity for us to be able to develop products using a scientifically proven material," Harris said. "SOFAR is a market leader with 25 years of experience, and we decided to work with them to ensure a smooth launch."

He also explained Biotik's product construction: "We need to focus on product stability. In a small dose, probiotics do not stay in the stomach long. A pill or tablet will be broken down easily and the probiotics or live bacteria in it will be killed by stomach acid. Probiotics in the liquid may be more easily absorbed by the body. LP-DGs can be well after digesting. That would bring greater benefits to the gut microbiome, allowing users to "get the best out of the product."

Harris also noted that the stability of the product, enabled by SOFAR's technological advances, is its main selling point."

Clinical Advantage is also considering developing another Biotik product for children under the age of three, hoping to capitalize on the moment of the Biotik brand.

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