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 Top 10 Chinese Health Food Brands

2018-08-21 16:41 Tuesday

No.1 By-Health

Founded in 1995, By-Health, has grown to become one of the leading  indirect sales dietary supplement enterprises. By-Health has developed more than 28,000 sales terminals and 500 nutrition centers across China. By-Health

NO.2 Perfect (China) Co.., Ltd.

Perfect (China) Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1994 and has grown into a major enterprise in the health food industry, with integrated R&D, manufacturing, sales, and service functions. Perfect has 33 subsidiary branches, 7 main offices, and over 6,700 service outlets, in addition to a vast network of exclusive agencies across China. Its business plans to extend across Asia in the near future, with inroads made into Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

No.3 Joincare

Established in 1992, Joincare now has over 30 subsidiary companies and owns several prominent brands, including Taitai, Jingxin, and Eagle. Joincare's business includes healthcare products, active ingredients, prescription and over-the-counter drugs, Chinese traditional medicine, chemical agents, detection reagents, as well as related products.

In 2004, Joincare was listed as one of China's 500 Most Valuable Brands, ranking first among China's healthcare product brands with a brand value of over 3.7 billion RMB. Taitai and Eagle were also selected as two of China's "super brands" in 2004, making Joincare the only enterprise with multiple super brands.

No.4 Infinitus

 A Hong Kong enterprise, Infinitus has been involved in the development, manufacture, and sale of Chinese herbal health products since 1992. Over the past two decades, Infinitus has extended its reach through 35 subsidiary companies, 28 service centers and over 4,000 franchised stores in Mainland China. Thanks to its collaboration with prominent research institutions, Infinitus now has developed five product series, six brands and 72 total products. Infinitus has assumed a leading position in the field of CPS-BRM technologies, owning significant intellectual property rights.

No.5 Besunyen

Besunyen has been selected as one of China's most well-known Trademarks in 2007, and as a top 10 health and wellness brands in 2016, reinforcing its leading position in China's functional herbal tea market. Relying on its outstanding R&D and comprehensive distribution network, Besunyen possesses unique advantages over its competitors.

No. 6 Unisplendour Guhan Group

Unisplendour Unisplendour Guhan Group was originally the Hengyang Chinese Pharmaceutical Factory, and is dedicating to researching and developing both Chinese and western medicine.  Unisplendour's total assets now exceed 660 million RMB, with net assets of 272 million RMB. Unisplendour went public on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 1996.

NO.7 Yedao

Yedao was founded in 1993, and mainly produces healthy spirits, foods and beverages. Yedao was selected as one of China's most recognizable trademarks in 2005, with Yedao Deer Tortoise Wine was selected as one of China's most famous brands in 2007; YEDAO was also recognized as one of China's Model Enterprises in 2016. The value of the Yedao brand is estimated to be in excess of 5.5 billion RMB.

No.8 Tiens

Tiens was founded in 1995, and has grown into an international conglomerate spanning biotechnology, health management, hospitality, tourism, and education. Tiens has subsidiary companies in 110 countries and operations in 190 countries, having established partnerships with many prominent enterprises.

No.9 Shanghai Jiaoda Onlly Co., Ltd.

One of China's most recognized trademarks, Shanghai Jiaoda Onlly Co., Ltd. produces and sells pharmaceuticals and biomedical products.

No.10 Jiuzhitang Co., Ltd

Founded in 1650, Jiuzhitang Co., Ltd is a major state-owned  traditional Chinese medicine producer, as well as a listed company.

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