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How to Attract Consumers through Packaging

2018-08-21 16:51 Tuesday

Packaging has a major effect on the quality and consumer reception of dairy products. Due to the short shelf life of milk products, the quality of packaging can play an important role in how they are received by retailers and consumers. Therefore, in order to capture greater market share, dairy enterprises should prioritize developing attractive, portable, convenient and high-quality packaging for their products.

The rapid development of the Chinese dairy industry has resulted in fierce competition, which has aided in the development of the packaging industry. Furthermore, despite the dominance of large enterprises, the dairy packaging sector has seen substantial product innovation.

Dairy packaging can be broadly classified into three categories, according to value:

1. High-end packaging, including plastic cups, ESL packages, and Tetra Pak

2.Cost-effective packages, including sterilized plastic bags and Tetrapak

3. Common packaging, including glass bottles and plastic bags

In order to satisfy consumers demand, portable and convenient packaging has been widely used for dairy foods and beverages.

Dairy packaging

What does packaging mean to consumers?

Packaging is an important method for differentiating and promoting a product; optimal packaging can increase sales while also decreasing costs.

Many enterprises have realized the market significance of packaging. Jarlsberg recently introduced new 8-pack cheese sticks, enhancing their portability for picnics and quick lunches. Gerard Meyer, CEO of cheese manufacturer Muuna, noted that cheese producers should pursue innovation as yogurt producers have, and strive for new paradigms that enhance flavor and consumer value.

Customized packages that target specific consumer groups are also prominent in the market. Yoplait launched the YoplaitGoBig portable yogurt stick, which allows children to squeeze the package to eat the yogurt, giving them a fun and satisfying association with the product.

Yollies has launched a lollipop-style yogurt snack, a product that has been recognized at World Dairy Innovation Awards. Its unique packaging distinguishes itself from the multitude of other yogurt products on the market.


Convenience has proven to be a top priority for packaging innovators.

UK company Alpro developed a new form of packaging, which allows consumers to unpack the product by effortlessly splitting the board and plastic. Such packaging has proven to be suitable for yogurt cup products.

In some instances, the package itself impresses consumers more than the product. The American Chemical Society recently introduced research on developing packaging film made of milk proteins. 

Tomasula, along with her colleagues at the US. Department of Agriculture, developed an edible and biodegradable packaging film, which outperforms plastic at protecting food from oxygen contamination. Compared with the edible packages made of starch, milk protein package is tighter.Researcher Peggy Tomasula observed that milk protein films, which serve as powerful oxygen blockers, can prevent food spoilage during transportation.

Researchers have noted that vitamins, probiotics, and other nutritients, as well as flavors, can be added to future milk protein films.

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