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Sustainable Packaging Developments in Australia

2019-01-28 09:51 Monday

In recent years, sustainable development has been a hot topic as consumers increasingly aware of the importance of protecting the environment. Packaging is one of the largest sources of human waste, and most people contribute waste without thinking about it. Waste in Australia is growing at twice the rate of population growth, according to an ABC report.

sustainable packaging

However, this trend has changed as sustainable packaging becomes more prevalent. Using sustainable packaging is no longer fashionable; it is now an expectation for consumers. Consumers have long had a considerable influence on brand decisions, but the rise of the sustainability movement is due to more than simply consumer pressure.

Australia's environment minister, in partnership with the Australian Packaging Covenant Organization (APCO), announced plans to recycle or compost 100% of Australia's packaging by 2025. In September 2018, the federal government also launched the Australian Recycling Label to help consumers properly sort their waste. This labeling system breaks down the various parts of the package and indicates the recyclability of the parts, thereby helping consumers avoid confusion in garbage classification.

With consumer and government pressure, packaging manufacturers have gradually adapted to market changes, not only to remain competitive, but also to comply with relevant regulations. In order to find suitable packaging solutions from limited choices, manufacturers must constantly develop new and sustainable packaging methods.

Manufacturers need to consider not only the waste that may be generated by consumers, but also the waste generated during the entire production process. This could include anything from polypropylene strapping used to tie boxes together to label liners removed from product and shipping labels.

Currently, many manufacturers are formulating sustainable packaging plans. As the market trend becomes increasingly pronounced, companies that have not implemented sustainable packaging will be unable to remain competitive.

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