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Loop Industries Signed A Sustainable PET Supply Agreement with L'Occitane

2019-03-07 09:10 Thursday

L'Occitane Group (Manosque, France), a global maker and retailer of natural cosmetics and health products, has signed a multi-year supply agreement with Loop Industries Inc., a montreal-based innovator in sustainable plastics technology, for Loop-branded 100% sustainable PET.

 Loop Industries Signed A Sustainable PET Supply Agreement with L'Occitane

Under the agreement, L'Occitane en Provence will start using Loop PET plastic in product packaging from 2022 and will use the Loop logo on all packages containing Loop PET plastic.

As demand for sustainable packaging solutions continues to grow, Loop Industries has developed a revolutionary upgrade cycle technology for plastic bottles and packaging.

The technology provides brand owners with a sustainable plastic product that helps address plastic contamination and meets FDA requirements for use in food-grade packaging. Recycling labels on packaging prove to consumers that plastic is sustainable.

Daniel Solomita, founder and CEO of Loop Industries said: "one of our main missions is to help companies present their packaging as a symbol of sustainability commitment rather than waste."

"We are excited to work with the high-end retail brand L'Occitane to help them achieve this. We believe that companies that adopt sustainable packaging and encourage recycling will help restore our environment and create greater economic value."

Loop Industries Inc. has patented and proprietary technology to decouple plastics from fossil fuels by depolymerizing and reducing waste polymer plastics and fibers to their basic building blocks (monomers). These monomers are then filtered, purified and repolymerized into pure polyester plastics suitable for food-grade packaging.

Adrien Geiger, global brand director at L'Occitane, also commented: "Our brand is inspired by nature, people and culture, and we have been using natural plant materials and environmentally friendly manufacturing for more than 40 years."

The company says the agreement increases the ability of the company to recycle its plastic bottles. L'Occitane also offers in-store recycling facilities to encourage customer participation. It now has recycling facilities in 30% of its stores, all stores with a goal of recycling by 2025.

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