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3 Packaging Methods to Help Brand Marketing

2019-04-02 09:12 Tuesday

Packaging and labelling are essential for product identification and recognition. They provide customers with information about the product, such as ingredients, nutrition, quantity and the best date to eat it. But they also play an extremely important role in marketing, promoting them to potential customers by improving the look of their products. After all, a memorable presentation can bring customers back to the brand over and over again.

Packaging Methods to Help Brand Marketing

1. Provide Information to Customers

In today's world, people prefer shopping in supermarkets, and it is almost impossible to have a salesman for every customer. Packaging is one of the most powerful tools for communicating information to customers.

Providing the right information to the right people at the right time is at the heart of every marketing campaign. And that's exactly what packaging does. Product information plays a vital role in market penetration. It provides details you can't cover in a 20-second AD.

2. Show Your Sustainability

Packaging sustainability refers to the use of environmentally friendly production, procurement and distribution of packaging. This is not a fad because of the marketing advantages. According to a Nielsen global survey, "66% of consumers will pay more for sustainable brands." The survey also found that millennials are more likely to spend money on products with minimal or positive environmental impact.

Therefore, biodegradable molded fibers are becoming more and more important in the packaging industry.

3. Expand Your Brand Image

Packaging is responsible for product brand image and brand recognition. This, in turn, reflects the company's image. Ferrero, for example. When you look at these brown and gold packages, you think of the coveted chocolate inside, you think of Ferrero.

The role of packaging in marketing is best described as a combination of form and function, with the sole purpose of attracting customers not only to buy the product but also to come back and buy more. Therefore, it is crucial to consider every aspect of product packaging so as to create the most profitable impact.

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