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Amazon Uses Refillable Packaging for Its Cleaning Products

2019-04-09 09:33 Tuesday

The sustainable packaging of cooperation between amazon and Replenish with major achievements - amazon will use the Clean Revolution cleaning products to fill the packaging. Amazon for its Clean Revolution series USES a new 3.0 packaging design, and Replenish as an own brand suppliers to participate in the packaging design.

Amazon Uses Refillable Packaging

And Replenish before filling System (the Replenish Refill System), version 3.0 includes a reusable bottle and concentrate supplement box filled with products. Each container weighs about 4 ounces and contains enough concentrate to make six bottles of the product. Amazon USES raw fabric bags with drawstrings as secondary packaging for refill boxes and reusable bottles.

To use the Clean Revolution product, consumers screw a container into the bottom of a bottle, flip the assembled package, and press the bottom to release the concentrate into a measuring cup inside the bottle. With the packaging upright, the consumer takes out the sprayer/dispenser and injects tap water into the bottle to dilute the concentrate.

For amazon and its customers, version 3.0 not only encourages environmental protection, but also reduces shipping costs. Jason Foster, founder and chief executive of reuser, said: " it's a big deal to focus on a reusable, condensable product to dramatically reduce shipping costs in e-commerce. Amazon, meanwhile, is in the midst of a reusable movement, which is just getting started."

Replenish are selling their own brand of CleanPath household cleaning products and foam hand sanitizer, also sell online. Consumers who purchase CleanPath 3.0 systems can customize their products and packaging, choosing a wide range of flavors, bottle colors, and decorative colors.

Consumers can even upload digital photos to print on the bottles. " we can print directly on a bottle, and a single bottle can print tens of thousands of bottles." foster said. "It is the highest-resolution digital printer in the industry and can print on curved surfaces."

He added: "we only offer CleanPath direct printing at this time to show what it does. Of course, we can offer it to any brand or retailer."

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