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Coca-Cola a Finalist for Intestinal Health Product Award

2018-09-10 16:00 Monday

Coca - Cola is a beverage company with a wide product range, more than 500 brands available in more than 200 countries, and is one of the best-known international brands in China. More than 20 Cola-owned brands and above 60 beverages are available in China, including Coca Cola, Sprite, Fanta, Schweppes, Minute Maid, Minute Maid Pulpy Super Milky, GEORGIA, Authentic Tea House, Chunyue and ZICO.

Coca - Cola

As a result of higher consumption and rising incomes, Chinese consumers are paying more attention to beverage differentiation, quality and novelty. Coke is hoping to take advantage of this trend, t by developing a diverse range of healthy products, focusing on functional ingredients as a means for supplementing the benefits available from traditional beverages.

Intestinal health is one of the most important health concerns of Chinese consumers. The latest research suggests that increasing dietary fiber intake can improve bowel function. Due to the hustle and bustle of modern life, many people fall short of recommended guidelines for dietary fiber intake. Recognizing this phenomenon, Coca Cola has launched a series of products with soluble dietary fiber in 2018, emphasizing sugar and calorie-free options.

Sugar-free Sprite Fiber+, introduced in March, features dietary fiber as its primary additive. The fiber, as a functional raw material, was developed in Japanand is widely used in Japanese products as a Food For Special Health Uses (FOSHU). A large body of evidence has shown that fiber can not only improve intestinal function and increase the production of beneficial bacteria, but can also lower fat absorption and counteract rises in blood sugar.

Sprite Fiber+ clearly advertises its benefits on its packaging: noting that the dietary fiber in the product is equal to the amount of fiber obtained from consuming two apples. On certain advertising platforms such as WeChat, the comparison with dietary fiber of fruits and vegetables is made explicitly.. Due largely to this strategy, since Sprite Fiber+’s entry into the market, it has received a lot of praise from consumers and analysts, with its sales have far exceeding the company's targets.

  Sprite Fiber+

In June and August, Coca-Cola introduced two blockbuster products: Chunyue Fiber+ and Coca Cola Fiber+.

In June, Coca Cola's pure water brand Chunyue also expanded its reach for the first time, with a breakthrough product - sugarless Chunyue Fiber+ added with dietary fiber.

Chunyue Fiber+

A bottle of zero-calorie Chunyue Fiber+ provides about 28% of their dietary fiber a day, and comes in both plain and lime cucumber flavors.

The concept originated from the Japanese beverage "Coca-Cola Plus", and the Chinese version Coca-Cola Fiber+, which has gradually gained a following with consumers in major cities, paving the way for other sugar-free dietary fiber beverages.

Coca-Cola Fiber+

Coca Cola Fiber+, like its counterpart Sprite Fiber+, not only has no sugar or calories, but also contains 7.5 grams of dietary fiber per bottle, which can meet about 30% of daily needs for adults.

Coca-Cola's new model of fiber-fizzy drinks aim to be both refreshing and healthy, by improving the nutritional content of traditionally popular beverages.

To recognize the contributions of companies like Coca-Cola to growth and innovation in the functional food and nutrition industry, Duxes will host the 2018 Nutrition and Functional Food Award Ceremony on December 13th at the Crowne Plaza Beijing Chaoyang U-Town, China.

2018 Nutrition and Functional Food Award Ceremony

The ceremony is part of the 8th China International Nutraceutical and Functional Food Summit 2018 on December 13-14, a two-day gathering of professionals from food and nutritional supplement companies, as well as policymakers and researchers, to discuss the latest advances in nutrition, latest supervisory regulations in China, the effects of cross-border e-commerce on the market, emerging product categories, consumer preferences, and other important topics. Notably, the summit will feature concurrent forums on December 14th, addressing healthy aging and sports nutrition, as well as an awards ceremony on the evening of December 13th that will recognize leading enterprises in the industry.

The summit will continue event organizer Duxes’ nearly decade-long engagement and collaboration with the functional food industry. Duxes has organized functional food conferences in China, Singapore, and Europe, which have been acclaimed for their timely coverage and interactive format.

the 8th China International Nutraceutical and Functional Food Summit 2018


1. Official interpretation of health food regulations and import & export issues in China

2. Detailed breakdown of industry data and market trends essential for product development, in particular healthy aging and sports nutrition

3. Exploration of popular functional ingredients, such as sugar substitutes, which satisfy consumer health and nutrition demands

4. Discussion of sales and marketing channels, with an emphasis the use of cross-border e-commerce by overseas functional food brands

5. Insight on the enormous market potential of functional foods in an aging society, and the pursuit of “healthy aging” through functional foods consumption

6. Testimony on successful products and distribution & retail channels for the mobile/ internet era

7. Opportunity to identify potential partners and gain a foothold in the Chinese market

Join the Premier Gathering for the Functional Food Industry

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