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What is Sialic Acid?

2019-06-05 09:36 Wednesday

As is well known, cubilose, the characteristic saliva-like ingredient of edible bird's-nest soup, has famous health-giving properties. The dish has long been believed to promote beauty and longevity.

Sialic Acid

Mention edible bird's-nests, and we think of it as a traditionally expensive food above all, unanimously loved by rich people across Asia. However, others question its efficacy.

So, what is the nutritional value of cubilose?

In fact, the nutritional composition of cubilose is mainly protein, sialic acid and various amino acids. Among them, sialic acid is the most significant constituent and the main biological active component. The sialic acid found in cubilose is mainly in the form of N-acetylneuraminic acid.

Although sialic acid is also present in other foods, the level found in cubilose is very high. Generally, the content of sialic acid in edible bird's-nests can reach more than 7%.

Purported Effects of Sialic Acid

Promotes Infant Brain Development

Sialic acid is an important component of nerve cell membrane and synapses in the brain. Since brain information transmission and nerve impulse transmission are achieved through synapses, as an important nutrient of synapses, sialic acid can improve the memory and intelligence of infants and young children.

Combats Alzheimer's Disease

Sialic acid is an important participant in neural activity and has a protective effect on nerves in the brain. Researchers found that people with neurological diseases such as early Alzheimer's disease had lower levels of sialic acid in their blood or brain. After recovering from medication, their sialic acid levels returned to normal.

Improves Intestinal Absorption of Vitamins and Minerals

Sialic acid has a very strong negative charge, which prevents meaningless cell interactions in blood circulation. So, in the process of intestinal absorption, sialic acid can improve the effective absorption of minerals and vitamins, and then enhance the body's absorption of nutrients.

Improve Human Immunity

Sialic acid improves the immunity of both infants and mothers. When passing through the digestive tract, sialic acid will not get degraded by enzymes, but will form glycoproteins to improve the discrimination ability of cells, thus effectively boosting the human immune function.

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