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State Council Legislation Outlines Future Measures for Chinese Dairy

2018-08-15 10:29 Wednesday

In June 2018 the General Office of the State Council issued the Opinion on Dairy Industry Rejuvenation & Dairy Product Quality Safety, a measure which guarantees at least a 99% probability of spot checks on dairy products that hit the market by 2020. The legislation is intended to enhance the competitiveness of dairy enterprises, and restore consumer confidence in Chinese dairy products.

dairy product

The Opinion proposes a series of development plans for constructing milk source bases, dairy product processing, distribution systems, and dairy product quality supervision, stipulating that infant dairy product enterprises must abide by related laws and regulations for dairy product quality and safety.

A major focus of the legislation is cracking down on illegal acts including the addition of inedible substances, excessive use of food additives, false labeling, spurious advertising, as well as other illegal commercial behaviors. The Opinion also encourages dairy producers to make infant formula with fresh milk, and in doing so, strives to restore consumer confidence and quality in infant formula production.


The Opinion puts forward a strategy for increased milk production, with existing strongholds in Northern China and Inner Mongolia reinforced, and new milk production infrastructure to be built in Southern China. Furthermore, the legislation provides detailed guidance on improving cultivation, breeding, and foraging quality.

In terms of the processing and distribution of dairy products, the Opinion offers support for the construction of processing plants by qualified livestock farms, and greater cooperation between dairy farmers and dairy enterprises. Further content includes a proposal for a comprehensive information platform on dairy product distribution, which would facilitate coordination across the industry and decrease distribution costs.

With regard to dairy product development, the Opinion encourages enterprises to produce sterile milk, fermented milk, and modified milk.

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