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Anlit Launch of ProBites LLP Could Alter Probiotics Market

2018-11-02 10:14 Friday

ProBites LLP, recently launched by Anlit LTD. in Tel Aviv, Israel, is a long-life chewable probiotic supplements series.

Anlit LTD

New product development for probiotic supplements grew by 26.5% per year on average from 2012 to 2017, according to Innova Market Insights. Consumers have become increasingly aware about the many health benefits of probiotics, especially in the context of rising consumption of antibiotics. North American probiotics products have dominated the market for the past three years, with an average market share of 55%. However, between 2016 and 2017, the market share of probiotics products in Europe skyrocketed from 15% to 38%.

Probiotics face two key challenges because of their inherent sensitivity: maintaining stability and extending shelf life. Until recently, existing solutions were limited. Anlit has developed an innovative technology called ProBites LLP Long-life Probiotics, which allows live bacteria to remain highly stable under certain environmental conditions.

Anlit's team determined all of the factors that could negatively affect the stability of bacteria in food substances, including water. The team isolated each potential factor and developed a specific solution to overcome it. The company said the new technology was a good carrier for a variety of probiotic strains.


Anlit also invested in a new preparation system to ensure high stability of probiotics, creating an ideal production environment for producing chewable probiotics. Precise temperature and humidity controls ensure that probiotics live longer. The company then built a double-layer packaging system for the double-layer laminate, maintaining a water-free support environment for probiotics and protecting the product's sensory properties.

Shai Karlinski, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Anlit, said: " ProBites LLP tastes and looks like candy, and based on our trials, it becomes a probiotic option for children and adults. This new product line represents our commitment to help consumers get, tasty supplements of the highest standard that all the family loves."

ProBites LLP series is suitable for ages three and up. The chewy health food comes in a variety of flavors, including chocolate, vanilla and various fruit flavors.

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