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Premier Platform for Functional Food Networking, Collaboration, and Inquiry

Why you should attend NFAP5?

With its youthful population and large financial resources, Asia will be critical to any new balance on the global economic and political stage. Over the coming years, Asia will play an even more influential role in world finances as its economic engine switches gear from production to consumption.

Asia is consuming 25% more than it did at the start of the financial crisis in 2008. This has propelled GDP growth rates to double-digit levels. From 2008, GDP has grown 18% in Singapore and Indonesia, 14% in the Philippines, 10% in Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and Thailand, 25% in India and 29% in China.

In fact, the shift in economic gravity from West to East is the biggest structural change happening in today’s global markets. The move up the income ladder will have a tremendous impact on global finances. Indeed, this will impact Asia’s own economies in profound ways from nutrition, food and beverages through to other consumer health goods.

The Nutraceutical and Functional Food Asia Pacific Summit (NFAP) will unite the industry’s top experts, government officials and representatives from leading organizations, who will explain the regulatory and marketing entrance challenges of Asia. Attendees will discover the latest trends shaping health and nutrition.

The Summit will focus on providing you with an understanding of the complex growth dynamics in the region. It will show you how to optimize your channel mix and navigate localization pressures to help you succeed in this increasingly-competitive environment.

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What You Will Learn?

  • Insights into the current state of consumer health, highlighting the vibrancy of dietary and nutritional food supplements in Asia Pacific markets.

  • Authoritative interpretation of the latest market entry challenges, registration processes and regulatory updates for dietary supplements and nutrition ingredients in China, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand and other jurisdictions.

  • Find out about new sales channels, cooperate with local distributors and e-commerce retailers.

  • Reveal the value of gut health, explore the latest innovation of probiotics and soluble fiber.

  • Tap into the growing weight management and sports nutrition markets to meet the demands of new consumer groups.

  • Focus on brain health, healthy aging and infant health to help the next generations grow up healthily; learn how practitioners can improve the health of the elderly.

  • Open up new opportunities for novel technologies and processes; discuss value, ingredients, challenges and innovation trends like plant-based meat, CBD and alternative protein.

  • Discover fast-growing products in the beauty supplements sector; discuss popular ingredients such as protein, coenzyme Q10, vitamins, and more.

  • The latest innovation ofCBD-based products; discover the marketing potential for CBD in Asia Pacific countries.

  • Opportunity to meet potential investors, boost your company by learning about business incubators, discover innovative startups.

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Benefits of Attending

  • Access to leading figures in the functional food industry, including policymakers, professionals, researchers, and representatives of leading companies

  • Insider knowledge on breaking regulatory developments across the APAC region, product innovation, market analysis and food safety

  • Unique opportunity to gain a foothold in a growing market - engage with new business partners and clients!

  • Improve your business profile – abundant opportunities to promote your brand with increased exposure at the summit

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Premier Platform for Functional Food Networking, Collaboration, and Inquiry

Some Confirmed Speakers

China Food and Drug Administration
China Health Care Association

Vice Director and Secretary-General,
Healthcare Consulting Service Committee,
Ex-Researcher, Department of Registration,

Indonesian Health Supplement Association (APKSI)

Director & Group CEO of CannAcubed Pte Ltd
President at Asia Industrial Hemp Association (AIHA)

Watsons Singapore
Business Development Manager

H&H Group (Swisse Wellness)
Head of Regulatory Affairs/Product Safety/Quality Assurance - Pacific Asia

Deputy Director, Science and Technology Centre
Director, Nutrition & Health Research Centre

Global Retailer and Manufacturer Alliance (GRMA)

Euromonitor International
Regional Client Consultant

Global Head of SGS Digicomply

Speakers to invited
International Life Sciences Institute (ILSL) Japan
Food Industry Asia (FIA)
Vietnam Health Association
Singapore Nutrition and Dietetics Association (SNDA)
Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Nutrition (JAAN)
Tmall Global
Euromonitor International
Some Previous Speakers

Singapore Nutrition & Dietetics Association
Vice-President, Diabetic Society of Singapore

International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI)
President, Southeast Asia Region

Tmall Global
Business Development Director, HK, Macau, SE Asia

Secretary, Asia Roundtable on Food Innovation for Improved Nutrition (ARoFIIN)
Policy Director, Food Industry Asia

CSIRO Health & Biosecurity
Senior Research Scientist

Malaysian Dietary Supplement Association
General Manager

United States Pharmacopeia (USP)
Scientific Liaison

National Agency of Drug and Food Control, Republic of Indonesia (BPOM)
Director of Food Product Standardization

Event Schedule

Premier Platform for Functional Food Networking, Collaboration, and Inquiry


16th December 2020

Insight into New Trends of Consumption

Regulatory Focus: Interpretation of Latest Regulatory and Policy

Admission to the Nutraceutical and Functional Food Industry Award Ceremony


17th December 2020

Gut Health Focus: Reveal the Value of Gut Health

Health Aging and Infant Health Focus

Brainstorm-- Innovation Roundtable


Premier Platform for Functional Food Networking, Collaboration, and Inquiry

If you have any questions about sponsorship and exhibition opportunities, or concerns, please contact Lucas Yang on lucas.yang@duxes.cn or call +86 021 5258 8005 ext. 8036.
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Should you be unable to attend, a substitute delegate is welcome at no extra charge. A charge of 50% of the registration fee, plus a 10% administrative charge will be billed for cancellations received in writing at least thirty working days prior to the conference. Alternatively, you may choose to receive a credit voucher for the full value of the registration price, which may be deemed for future Duxes events. Duxes regrets that no cancellations will be accepted within thirty working days prior to conference start date, payments will not be refunded, and invoiced sums will be payable in full.

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Hotel Registration

Premier Platform for Functional Food Networking, Collaboration, and Inquiry

Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

Add: 320 Orchard Road Singapore 238865
Tel: +65 6735 5800
Website: https://www.marriott.com/default.mi
Ballroom 2&3 for meeting

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Premier Platform for Functional Food Networking, Collaboration, and Inquiry

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Premier Platform for Functional Food Networking, Collaboration, and Inquiry

Please let us know if you have any ideas for topics you would like to be addressed at the summit. Our project development team will utilize its extensive experience and contacts within the functional food industry, to ensure that your demands are met!

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Premier Platform for Functional Food Networking, Collaboration, and Inquiry